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Just Express Services is a leading delivery service provider with over three decades of experience in Nepal. The company was originally established as Kontract Courier in 2000, offering domestic delivery services. In 2007, the international branch was launched under the brand name “Just Express,” connecting the Nepali market to the rest of the world, primarily between Kathmandu and New Delhi, with packages delivered at competitive rates compared to other available courier services.

Despite the geographical challenges posed by the hills and mountains of Nepal, Just Express Services has consistently maintained its efficiency in delivery services through its dedication and commitment. These efforts have allowed the company to overcome delivery difficulties and maintain its status as one of the most preferred courier service providers in Nepal.

Just Express Team Members
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Basant Bohra

Managing director
An industry veteran with experience of over 45 years, he has seen the emergence of logistics industry in Nepal. His portfolio companies are one of the pioneers in the logistics industry of Nepal.

Yadu Kumar Basnet

He is an industry veteran and is responsible for the overall network growth and connectivity. Yadu plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of goods, services, and information within the supply chain.

Kalpana Shrestha

Client service manager
Kalpana is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. Building strong relationships with clients through regular communication and follow-up is her biggest strength.

Raunak Bohra

Raunak is an B.Com(H) from SRCC, Delhi. He is a passionate entrepreneur and has built a solid reputation in this industry. He envisons to build a frictionless logistic solution between Nepal and rest of the world.

Devendra Kumar Khadka

He is responsible for the financial and business operations of the company and plays an important role in developing and implementing strategies to optimize the flow of goods and services within the supply chain.

Elisa KC

Strategic Growth manager
Elisa is responsible for developing and executing strategies that drive growth and expand the business. She is great at analyzing market trends, identifying new business opportunities, and developing plans to increase market share and revenue.

Why Our Customers Choose Us!

35 Years Of Experience

We have been providing exceptional delivery services for over 23 years. Our long history of success is a testament to our dedication.

Reliability & Efficiency

We consistently deliver packages on time and as promised, and have a streamlined process for handling and delivering packages.

Flexibility & Customization

We understand that every customer has unique needs and that is why we offer a range of customizable delivery options.

Safety & Assurance

We prioritize the safety and security of your packages at every stage of the delivery process.

Tracking & Reporting

Stay informed about the status of their delivery at all times allowing you to easily track the progress of your package.

Exemplary Delivery Services

Whether delivering packages within Nepal or internationally, the company has always sought to provide the highest level of service and reliability.
Pachali Bhairav, Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal



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